Do Aur Do Pyaar Movie Review

Rahul Desai

Unusual Marriage Story

Vidya Balan and Pratik Gandhi Shine in this Unusual Marriage Story. The alterations in Do Aur Do Pyaar are both entertaining and sensible. It starts with the slightly corny title (“Two times two is love”), which hints at the emotional permutations of love.

Fascinating Premise

The premise is fascinating, of course, because it sends up the very notions of monogamy and companionship. The story isn’t that two spouses are adulterous; that’s the default setup. The story is the irony of the role reversal: Their adultery is morphing into a sibling of marriage.

Urban-Indian Setting

The refreshing thing about Do Aur Do Pyaar is its cultural translation. The film is adapted to an urban-Indian setting without softening the frankness of its themes. 

A Four-Cornered Love Affair

The treatment never judges the couple for their situation. The tone is matter-of-fact and dry for the most part: This is their routine, this is their marriage, and it is what it is. It’s not the morality or deceit that’s highlighted.

Adapting to the Indian Context

The backstory isn’t random either. You can see why Kavya and Ani are separated but not quite. She eloped with him as a youngster, not only risking family estrangement but also inviting the crushing pressure to be special and happy.

Sweet Spot

It’s a film about compromised people making peace with their defects and choices. when all else fades, it’s a platform for Vidya Balan and Pratik Gandhi to hit the sweet spot between a feel-good tragedy and a feel-bad comedy.