Director's Cut ft. Quentin Tarantino

Team FC

Non-linear Storytelling

Tarantino’s films are often divided into chapters like a novel. 

The stylization of Violence

The violence in his films will be shot in an aesthetic way, which the audiences find more unpleasant.

Homages through Pastiche (Part 1)

Tarantino creates a unique world that is stitched from the multiple realities through pastiche.

Homages through music and art (Part 2)

Soundtracks and popular art in his film also elevate the plot and give homages to films.


Tarantino’s characters go against the rules of dialogue in a genre film and subvert it through casual banter about unrelated events.

Subverting rules of Genres in films

Tarantino takes a genre and subverts it in terms of dialogues, music and treatment.


His usual techniques involve the use of Trunk shots, Wide shots, extreme close-ups and crash zooms.

Pushing the limits of cinema

Tarantino plays with the rules of cinema often by making the audience aware of the fact that they are watching a film.

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