Dilip Kumar's 5 Underrated Gems We Failed to Notice

Anushka Halve

1. Mela (1948):

In this tragic love story, Dilip Kumar and Nargis play star-crossed lovers who face numerous obstacles. Kumar’s performance in Mela is on par with his iconic role as Devdas, demonstrating his range as a lover onscreen.

2. Andaz (1949):

While the film is remembered for the supposed "fight" between Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar, it is Dilip Kumar who stole the show. Andaz explores the complexities of love and features Kumar in a grey role.

3. Deedar (1951):

Before Naseeruddin Shah's Sparsh, there was Dilip Kumar’s Deedar. Kumar's performance demonstrates his ability to convey emotions without stumbling and sets a benchmark for future actors to follow.

4. Amar (1954):

Amar marked Kumar’s transition into playing an anti-hero in Hindi cinema and showcased his skill in portraying the guilt and darkness of a conflicted character. 

5. Aadmi (1968):

In Aadmi, Dilip Kumar once again shines as an anti-hero filled with anguish and insecurity. His character grapples with possessiveness and self-destructiveness when he realizes that his beloved loves his best friend. 

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