Devil Movie Review - Spirited But Lacking Surprises

Ram Venkat Srikar

On Paper

Devil has it all, ambition, scale, patriotism, carefully placed red herrings, twists, and more importantly, stakes. In the film too, they are all present but somehow, they don’t always create the rousing impact they are intended to, even though it soars in a couple of instances.

Devil is One of Those Films

Where it is hard to pinpoint what is holding the film back from reaching its full potential because everything appears functional. It is by, no means, a lazy effort.

There Are Moments of Genuine Intensity

especially in the second half, where the drama and the conspiracy get thicker. The biggest twist in the film, followed by a bloody action sequence, is the film’s strongest stretch and you wish the film had more such moments to offer.

Novel Exteriors, Cliched Interiors

Devil is a reminder that little things make or break a word. Likewise, visual choices like stylised drone shots and using lights within the frame behind the characters to beautify the shot come across as anachronisms.

It’s Much Superior to Spy (2023)

Which cheaply exploited Subhash Chandra Bose’s legacy, and doesn’t resort to such tactics. Devilis genuinely committed to weaving a tale of espionage, adventure, and revolution from that era but only shines sporadically.

The Rush is Barely Felt in The Screenplay

The screenplay never deviates from the core plot, but neither do we feel the danger. The best I can say about the screenplay is that it keeps progressing.