Decoding Ranveer Singh’s Looks From RRKPK With Stylist Eka Lakhani

Team FC

Stylist Eka Lakhani Says:

we had to figure out who Rocky is as a character. He had a certain mindset. For Rocky it was clear that style is going to the DLF Emporio mall, buying branded clothes — Gucci, Prada, Fendi, etc.

If You Look Closely At The Film, He Has Never Worn Pink Till The Last Scene

With that Rani pink mirror kurta by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, because according to him, men don’t wear pink. He had these notions drilled into his brain because of his family and the way he was brought up.

The Loud, Brash Delhi Gym-Boy

Rocky wears his buttons really low, open till his chest, when he is outside the house. But when he is at home, with his grandmother or father, he is in a t-shirt or bandhgala. That is the respect he has for elders at home. 

Simple Kurta For The Dola Re Dola-Dhindora Sequence

We were sure from the beginning that it was going to be in red. We wanted this scene to have more drama than those riyaz scenes, which is why we thought we needed something “more”. 

Is Everything He Wore Branded?

Yes, everything he wore was branded. Typical Rocky. We got a lot made for him, but that was more (of) the kurtas for the Kathak, and this one special t-shirt he wears when he celebrates Alia’s birthday, with her face on it.