Dayaa Review: A Gritty Thriller That Serves More As An Introduction To A Bigger Follow-up

Ram Venkat Srikar

Dayaa is An Official Adaptation of The Bengali Series Taqdeer

Watching Dayaa gives a feeling that adapting it was no walk in the park, with the intricately woven non-linear screenplay bringing multiple subplots and characters together.

The Real Fun in The Game Begins When We Learn The Truth About Dayaa

The reveal results in a cracker on a sequence in the fifth episode. This ‘mass transformation’ is a trope that we have seen numerous times in the past but it only goes on to prove that such tropes exist for a reason: when done well, they explode. 

Dayaa Gets it Right

Having somebody like JD Chakravarthy helps majorly because the actor’s image is now inseparable from Satya (1998), and the show cleverly tips its hat to the crime classic in the finale.

Dayaa Raises More Questions Than it Answers

My biggest qualm is with the fact that the show holds itself back from offering a satisfying end. At times, it feels like the show is more focused on creating a foundation for the second season instead of closing the current arc.

If You Notice, Nothing Major Happens in The Final Episode Story-Wise

It gives us time to reel out of the bloodshed. Although I wish the end was more rounded and satisfying, I will wait for the second season to know more about Dayaa, Alivelu, and their violent past.