Dark and Twisted Shows To Stream on OTT

Team FC

Behind Her Eyes (2021) - Netflix

A psychological thriller that delves into a mysterious love triangle, offering mind-bending twists and a jaw-dropping conclusion.

Sense 8 (2015) - Netflix

This science fiction series interweaves the lives of eight strangers from around the world who share a psychic connection, exploring themes of identity, empathy, and human connection.

Defending Jacob (2020) - Apple TV

A gripping legal drama that unravels the complexities of a family when their teenage son is accused of murder, testing their loyalties and morals.

I Am a Killer (2018) - Netflix

A chilling true crime series that provides an intimate look into the lives and minds of convicted murderers, offering a unique perspective on their stories.

Dead to Me (2019) - Netflix

A darkly comedic series that follows the unlikely friendship between two women as they navigate grief, secrets, and unexpected twists in their lives.

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