Creator's Emotional Tribute to Akira Toriyama

Team FC

One Piece

May heaven be the joyous world just as you envisioned it."


I've never really talked about this to anyone, but I've always believed that creating things means expanding your sensibilities and expanding your life. This is because I believe that as long as the work exists, the author is not dead.


If I could really have one Dragon Ball wish come true...I'm sorry...

That may be selfish of me, but I am sad, Sensei


Thank you, Toriyama-sensei, for teaching me so much about the world of manga.


"I just can't accept it. Thank you, Toriyama-sensei."

One Punch Man

"There were many things that I received from Toriyama-sensei, the ones which only he could give. I pray that he may rest in peace.

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