Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan to Yimmy Yimmy - Jacqueliene Fernandez Blockbuster Hits

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Yimmy Yimmy

Jacqueline Fernandez's sensational dance moves in "Yimmy Yimmy" have taken social media by storm, sparking a global dance craze and showering her with love from fans worldwide.

Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan

Jacqueline Fernandez's magnetic presence and enchanting dance moves elevated the Punjabi hit "Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan" from the movie "Roy" to instant popularity, captivating audiences with its infectious beats and vibrant energy.

Sooraj Dooba Hai

Jacqueline Fernandez lit up the screen alongside Ranbir Kapoor in the peppy track "Sooraj Dooba Hai" from the movie "Roy," their chemistry and the song's catchy melody making it a beloved party anthem across generations.


Jacqueline Fernandez showcased her versatility in the electrifying track "Makhna" from "Drive," teaming up with Yo Yo Honey Singh to deliver a performance brimming with energy and grace that resonated with millions of viewers.

Lat Lag Gayee

Jacqueline Fernandez dazzled audiences in "Lat Lag Gayee" from "Race 2," igniting screens with her chemistry alongside Saif Ali Khan and her infectious energy, making it a timeless favorite on dance floors everywhere.

Ek Do Teen

Jacqueline Fernandez paid homage to Bollywood icon Madhuri Dixit with her captivating rendition of "Ek Do Teen" in "Baaghi 2," infusing the classic song with her electrifying dance moves and winning praise from fans and critics alike.

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