Chithha’s Director Arun Kumar On How To Direct A Child Actor For Scenes With Abuse

Team FC

Arun Says

“I really don’t want to fit into the grammar of one conflict, one solution. I love to closely look at the inner layers of the characters rather than going behind the antagonist. It is because I want this film to be in a personal space, and thereby relatable.”

What Was The Ground Rule To Write Child Abuse With Sensitivity?

According to me, Chithha is not about child abuse. It talks about child safety. It might sound dramatic but even before I began writing the script, the first line I wrote was that if I had a girl child, Chithha should be a film that the two of us could watch together.

Why Did You Have That One Disturbing Scene?

I thought that was very important. All that she keeps asking him is when she will get to meet Chittha. But the kidnapper uses that to make her fall into the trap. If you didn’t have that scene, you would have never felt the threat of the antagonist.

How did you ensure all of this doesn’t affect Sahasra?

For hospital scenes, we told her that she met with an accident and got hurt. Her parents knew the script well. We spoke to her like our parents used to warn us about being safe as kids. I didn’t want her to know anything else. She had fun on the set.

Siddhart was not the savior of the day in the film. Who is a hero according to you?

“Anybody is a hero. For me, anybody who helps others or sacrifices is a hero. Why did the lady in the share auto get claps in the theatre? She did nothing, she just helped the kid and she is a hero.”