Celebrities Who Were Born on February 29

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William A. Wellman (1896-1975)

The director of Wings (1927), the first film to win the Best Picture Oscar, Wellman directed over eighty films, beginning with silent cinema in the early 20s before transitioning to sound in the late 20s. Among his best known work are the films A Star is Born (1937), Battleground (1949), and The High and the Mighty (1954).

Michèle Morgan (1920-2016)

Touted one of the greatest French actors of the 20th century, Morgan began acting in the mid 30s, appearing in mostly French films, though she also dabbled in Hollywood. She won the inaugural Best Actress Award at Cannes for Pastoral Symphony (1946). Her collaborators included Michael Curtiz, Mark Robson, Carol Reed, Yves Allégret, and Jean Delannoy.

Arthur Franz (1920-2006)

A noted character actor in mid-20th century Hollywood, Franz appeared in films like Sands of Iwo Jima (1949), Three Secrets (1950), The Sniper (1952), The Caine Mutiny (1954), and The Young Lions (1958), working simultaneously in over a hundred television productions.

Joss Ackland (1928-2023)

Ackland was a mainstay in British popular culture, playing significant roles across films, television, and commercials from the time he got his break in the late 40s. He worked under the direction of Michael Tuchnor, Lewis Gilbert, Michael Cimino, John McTiernan, and Kathryn Bigelow, among others.

Alex Rocco (1936-2015)

Rocco is best remembered for his turn as Moe Greene in The Godfather (1972), and he also appeared in roles in films helmed by the likes of Roger Corman, Peter Yates, and Roland Joffé, while also working steadily in television and doing a number of voice roles.

Dennis Farina (1944-2013)

A career police officer with the Chicago Police Department, Farina first worked in films while consulting on Michael Mann's Thief (1981), which led to a small role in the same film. He then appeared in films and television consistently till his death, working under the direction of the likes of Steven Spielberg, Steven Soderbergh, Martin Brest, Sydney Pollack, and Guy Ritchie.

Rakhee Thakrar (b. 1984)

The British actress of Indian descent began working first in television, landing a regular role on the popular soap EastEnders in 2016, followed by similar billing on Netflix's Sex Education. She recently made her big splash in films with Paul King's Wonka (2023), in which she played Lottie Bell

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