Captain Miller Movie Review

Sruthi Ganapathy Raman

An Arun Matheswaran Film

Arun Matheswaran’s third feature has all his signature flourishes and then some. And whenever it does fall short, Dhanush and cinematographer Siddhartha Nuni do the heavy lifting

Dhanush’s Eesa Receives The Perfect Description

Somewhere close to Captain Miller’s interval — a dacoit in the eyes of the Brits; a traitor in the eyes of his people. This dichotomy, and in consequence, the identity crisis that Eesa experiences is a zone that Dhanush was born to thrive in.

Ticks All The Boxes But...

The film flows as rhythmically as a river, leaving our minds brimmed with some of the most stunning images we’ve seen all year. But with almost every box ticked, why does the film leave us with an aftertaste that’s painfully lacking a feeling?

Excellent Cinematography

Cinematographer Siddhartha Nuni's craft is luminous in places of grandeur — the silhouettes that are captured beside flames in an important moment are unforgettable — and in places of silence.

All Characters are Fascinating

While we’re moved by what we hear and what we see as individual moving parts, we aren't quite as touched by the film as a whole. And this is because we don’t see what these people mean to Eesa.

As Scene-Stealing as Dhanush May Be

The impact mostly comes from a place of familiarity and his flair for social dramas that we’ve witnessed in the past, and not from the world we’re seeing on the big screen today.