Cannes Film Festival: 7 Films That Received the Longest Standing Ovations at Cannes

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Pan's Labyrinth (2006) – 22 minutes

Guillermo del Toro's fantasy film grounded in aftermath of the Spanish Civil War holds the record for the longest standing ovation given to any film ever.

Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004) – 20 minutes

A biting critique of the Bush presidency and the way it handled post-9/11 tensions, director Michael Moore received a standing ovation for 20 whole minutes.

Mud (2012) – 18 minutes

Director and writer Jeff Nichols brings a heartwarming tale of two teenagers who help a fugitive avoid his bounty hunters and reunite with his lover.

The Neon Demon (2016) – 17 minutes

Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn presented the cut-throat world of L.A. modelling through The Neon Demon.

Capernaum ( 2018) – 15 minutes

Directed by Nadine Labaki, the film follows a 12-year-old living in a horrific slum in Bierut.

The Paperboy (2012) – 15 minutes

The Paperboy, directed by Lee Daniels​​​​​​, might have received a 15-minute standing ovation at Cannes but received negative reviews for its murder investigation narrative.

'Belle' (2021) - 14 minutes

Oscar-nominated director Mamoru Hosoda presents a coming-of-age tale of 17-year-old Suzu (Kaho Nakamura) who loses and regains her ability to sing after her mother's death.

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