BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star Review

Paroma Chakravarty

A Massive Endeavour

BTS knows the importance of owning their narrative, and in their decade long career, they have shown repeatedly that they will fight to keep control of it. This is rare in an industry that frequently fails to protect the rights of its artists. 

First The Book, Now...

An eight part docu-series in collaboration with Walt Disney Studios that does a fantastic job of taking fans behind the scenes, and also reminding them with deep emotional intensity, just how difficult the journey has been for the seven young men.

Rigorous Cataloguing and Scrutiny

From the moment BTS came into existence, long before their debut, every minute of their journey was meticulously archived. Having cameras follow you around was a perfectly normal part of a Kpop group’s existence in 2013

What Makes a Documentary Like Monuments so Interesting?

For long-term fans, the emotional confessions, the earnest conversations amongst the members caught on camera over the years, the documentary offers a succinct recap of the rigorous hard work, and constant march towards the next, higher peak.

You know All Of This if You Are a Fan

But it's a different experience watching it all come together like this, with their grown-up versions processing the past, ruminating, and divulging fondly what were their thoughts and feelings at the time

The Series’ Narrow Focus

While the documentary covers the early struggles of the group, they don’t go into much detail about why BTS had it so much harder than other promising groups around them.