Bramayugam Movie Review

Vishal Menon

An Allegory On Power

The three central characters of the film feel like three classes that are constantly at loggerheads with each other. It takes a cynical view in which it is just a matter of time before power takes over and corrupts everyone.

World Building

Rahul Sadasivan builds this allegory in an eerie universe that’s as disturbing as it is hypnotic. It never stops raining in this mansion once a curse has been planted and you subconsciously feel the inescapable dampness of the place.

Engaging Acting

A large reason why we feel trapped along with the other captors is the mighty presence of Mammootty. You feel this presence even in scenes he’s not a part of and you catch yourself asking characters to remain silent lest they were to be caught by Potti (Mammootty).

A Complex Movie Rather Than Easy

His second straight movie within the horror genre, Rahul Sadasivan stamps his standing as someone with extreme control over the medium, choosing to make a complex movie rather than one with easy thrills or jump scares.

Larger Points About Society

Rahul Sadasivan makes larger points about society and ghosts that haunt us all and to this day. This time around, he returns with a fine allegorical horror movie where the ghosts continue to haunt, long after you’ve left the haunted house.

In Potti’s word's

The age that they’re living in is beyond the forces of karma. They seem to exist in Bramayugam, an aberration within the Kaliyugam in which God remains absent.