Blue Star Movie Review

Team FC

Political Statements in Tamil Cinema

"Blue Star," set in the late '90s, offers a unique perspective on societal structures, contributing to Tamil cinema's trend of films with strong political messages in 2024.

Cricket Movie Differentiation

Distinguishing itself from other cricket movies, "Blue Star" explores discrimination between groups in Arakkonam, emphasizing societal divisions and the impact of privilege on individual identities.

Authentic World & Small Dreams

The film authentically portrays characters with small dreams, like Ranjith, who desires to play for his colony rather than India. Bullet Babu's rejection of national aspirations adds depth to the narrative.

Impactful Storytelling & Characters

Debutant director S Jayakumar crafts impactful storytelling, highlighting Ranjith's family dynamics and the genuine love story with Anandhi. Characters like Ranjith and Rajesh display authentic emotions, engaging viewers in the world of Blue Star.

Cultural Celebration & Cinematography

"Blue Star" celebrates Arakkonam's culture through the peppy number "Arakkonam Style." Thamizh A. Azhagan's cinematography captures the town's essence, emphasizing its landmarks and the significant role of trains.

Incomplete Moments & Realistic Storytelling

While the film has highs, including Anandhi's character feeling missing and logical flaws, "Blue Star" triumphs with its realistic storytelling. It addresses societal fears robbing individuals of innocence and acceptance, leaving a sense of incompleteness but emphasizing its narrative strengths.