Bholaa Shankar Review: Unremarkable In Every Sense

Ram Venkat Srikar

Chiranjeevi Deserves Better Stories and Filmmakers

The writing in Bholaa Shankar is so unimaginative that it makes you wonder if an amateurish fan edit of the actor’s songs and fights made by a 14-year-old would be a more passionate tribute.

Films are Supposed To Be a Reflection of Our Times And Society

Filmmakers have to be more inventive with the ways they tip their hats. Just appreciating your hero is not enough. But my recliner seat was pretty good. At least that was comforting; not the brother-sister bonding or comedy or music of the film.

Unremarkable Remake of an Unremarkable Original

If you want to know how the film is, it’s a remake of Vedhalam (2015), a strictly mediocre revenge drama with a couple of great mass moments, with the close-up shot of Ajith Kumar going from sad to evil, being the coolest of the lot.

The Weak Craft Doesn’t Help

Bholaa Shankaris a product of unimaginative writing and the mindset that packaging a film with just enough comedy, action and sentiment suffices. It’s evident in the film’s look and feel. The artificiality of the sets is tangible.

We Deserve Better Films

The theatre was silent for the rest of the film. Dead silent. You know that we, the audience, were in that auditorium on a Friday at 9 am because they wanted to have a good time.