Beyond Iron Man: 5 Robert Downey Jr. Movies You Should Know About

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Hank Palmer in The Judge

Downey Jr. plays the beleaguered son of an established judge (Robert Duvall), accused of murder. The charges force their difficult father-son relationship to the fore and allow the two to heal.

Paul Avery in Zodiac

The actor is playing to his strengths as the cocky but brilliant crime reporter, Paul Avery. Although lead actor Jake Gyllenhaal stands centre-stage, Downey Jr. leaves just enough impact to remain memorable.

Kirk Lazarus in Tropic Thunder

Kirk Lazarus is an Australian method actor who is dropped in the middle of a forest along with his crew. Despite the dire conditions, Kirk refuses to break his character of a black man. Considered one of Downey Jr.'s most hilarious roles, the actor bagged an Oscar nomination for it.

Charlie Chaplin in Chaplin

The film might not have done too well but Downey Jr.'s performance as the legendary silent film actor was appreciated across the board.

Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock Holmes

Many actors have played the famous Sir Arthur Conan Doyle-detective and it's a mean feat to stand out the way Downey Jr. did. We have our fingers crossed for Sherlock Holmes 3.

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