Beyond Drishyam | 5 Overlooked Films of Ajay Devgn, You Should Watch

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In this film by Rituparno Ghosh, the actor plays Manoj, who meets his former lover after a very long time. We witness what ensues during their encounter.


In Vishal Bhardwaj's adaptation of Othello, the actor plays the role of the titular character who has to face the wrath of his friend.


Amid religious riots, a boy deals with his mother's death and her last wishes in this film directed by Mahesh Bhatt.


In this Mani Ratnam film, the actor plays a student leader who is working towards a better tomorrow. An incident brings two men into his life, and they impact each other in irreversible ways.


The actor plays Yashwant Aangre in this film. Aangre used to be a corrupt police officer and is now a cruel criminal on the run from the police.

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