Beyond Dom | Ahead of Fast X's Release, Here Are 5 Overlooked Vin Diesel Films You Should Watch Right Now

Team FC

The Pacifier

The actor plays a Navy SEAL who has been assigned to protect a dead scientist's children and retrieve a secret project from their house. Along the way, he develops a bond with the children and helps them overcome their problems.

The Last Witch Hunter

The actor plays an immortal witch hunter, who has been killing the Witch Queen's subjects for centuries. Now, he has to face her.

Boiler Room

In this Ben Younger directorial, a student quits his collegiate education to work at an investment firm. With his head clouded by success, he gets allured by greed which leads to his downfall.

Babylon A.D.

For a huge sum of money, Toorop agrees to transport a girl from an Asian convent to New York. The two of them, accompanied by her guardian, embark on a journey abundant with unwanted plot twists.

A Man Apart

This movie follows two agents who guard the California-Mexico border against drug smugglers. However, things become even more challenging when one's wife is murdered. The actor plays Sean Vetter, and we witness how he avenges his wife's death by hunting each member of the cartel.

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