Best Telugu Films of the Year

Team FC


"Balagam" beautifully documents Telangana culture, merging precision and care to craft one of the year's most captivating films, seamlessly transitioning from cultural exploration to a heart-wrenching human drama.


Karthik Dandu's "Virupaksha" excels in world-building, immersing audiences in a '90s forest-side village with a supernatural thriller that skillfully avoids jump scares, relying on a tense atmosphere and effective sound design.


Rupak Ronaldson's "Pareshan" flaunts wackiness with eccentricity, elevating each scene in quirkiness, challenging the need for dramatic elements and offering a truly original cinematic experience.


Ram Abbaraju's "Samajavaragamana" brings back the charm of simple family comedies, embracing clean humor and impeccable comic timing from Naresh and Sree Vishnu, creating a refreshing cinematic journey.


Sai Rajesh's "Baby" emerges as the most provocative Telugu film, sparking intense discussions with its morally ambiguous narrative, disturbing and challenging viewers, while leaving a lasting impact with flawed characters.

Month Of Madhu

"Month of Madhu" unfolds as a European-style relationship drama in Vizag, embracing subtlety and a calming aesthetic, discussing themes like sexual awakening, loss, and toxic relationships without judgment.


"Mad" races at 100 gags a minute, delivering a hilariously chilled-out cinematic experience, where every scene competes in silliness, making it a joyous ride devoid of conflicts and emotions except pure joy.

How Is That For A Monday

Sripal Sama's "How Is That For a Monday" is a testament to a small film with a big heart, seamlessly blending a thriller with profound themes like identity and race, leaving viewers satisfied with its 90-minute journey.

Bhagavanth Kesari

"Bhagavanth Kesari" emerges as the most enjoyable Balakrishna-starrer, embracing cartoonish over-the-topness with a sincere core, offering Telugu masala entertainer elements alongside a heartfelt speech on a sensitive topic.

Hi Nanna

Shouryuv's debut feature, "Hi Nanna," delivers a bittersweet Telugu moviegoing experience, featuring knockout performances and exploring mature themes with sensitivity, standing out for its emotional depth and poignant moments.