Best Performances Of November 2023

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Abhinav Jha, Pokhar Ke Dunu Paar - MUBI

Jha's performance is beautifully sharp and blunt at once. In his hands, the young Bihari man is a wastrel who's secretly happy to be back in his hometown, but he's also a man-child who assumes that he is entitled to taking his partner for granted.

Alizeh Agnihotri, Farrey

The young actress carves out her own identity as the teenage protagonist of Farrey. There's a narrative candour about Niyati, one that doesn't reach for lofty eat-the-rich themes and comeuppance arcs. It's a refreshing debut, and hopefully a sign of alt-Starkid-launch potential. 

Babil Khan, The Railway Men - Netflix

Through his gentle, reassuring presence Babil breathes life into a figures who isn't a "hero" who rises to the occasion as much as he is a young man always on the lookout for one. For an opportunity to help. No matter the cost.

Mammootty, Kaathal: The Core

Reinventing himself in his 70s, Mammootty is an actor who isn’t afraid to take risks, He poignantly makes us feel his character’s vulnerability and helplessness, sometimes giving us glimpses of him in love, yearning to put back all his broken pieces together.

Raghava Lawrence, Jigarthanda DoubleX

There is so much in the writing that Lawrence beautifully embraces; In what is also one of his best looks, Lawrence makes you hate, sympathise, celebrate and love his character. And it's only fair to say, in the absence of the looming ghosts, a wonderful performer in Lawrence was found.

Shefali Shah, Three of Us

Shefali Shah's portrayal of Shailaja also hums with joy and wonder. Tapping into age-old and yet unforgotten feelings, Shailaja's journey is richly emotional and Shah makes us want to shadow her every step of the way. This is an acting masterclass.  

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