Best Performances Of May 2023

Team FC

Gulshan Devaiah, Dahaad

It’s more complicated to play the Nice Guy than a twisted villain in female-driven stories these days. The thing about these super-righteous men is that they’re often too good to be true. But Gulshan Devaiah does such a fine job as Devi.

Manikandan, Good Night

With Good Night, Mandikandan has proved yet again that he can deploy some serious boy-next-door charm as much as he excels at emotional heavy lifting in serious dramas.

Tovino Thomas, 2018

We know exactly the arc his character is going to take the moment we learn that he was someone who deserted the Indian Army. Yet, he brings an insane amount of likability without ever allowing us to see him as a superhero.

Vijay Varma, Dahaad

As Anand Swarnakar, Vijay Varma is hardly breaking any new ground. He's already played the sadist misogynist before. And yet, Varma brings subtle tics to each of his aliases in Dahaad.