Best Performances Of February 2023

Team FC

Bhuvan Arora, Farzi

His performance carries the magic of improvisation, of creating chemistry with the actors around him, making him a thoroughly satisfying watch.

Cwaayal Singh, Class

Singh's performance is one of shoulder-shrugging coolness, of life being life and living it as it is, grabbing every opportunity - career-wise, erotic-wise - by its collar.

Kavin, Dada

Kavin breathes freshness to Manikandan, a role that requires the balancing act of navigating the recklessness of youth and the all-consuming nature of unconditional love.

Shahid Kapoor, Farzi

Shahid Kapoor has shown glimpses of a deeply committed actor - ready to leave behind his stardom, in pursuit of the actor-ly truth.

Tillotama Shome, The Night Manager

Shome gets to be playful. Yes, she is the strong woman who doesn't get cowed by her bovine boss, but she's also someone who genuinely enjoys her job.