Best Performances Of August 2023

Team FC

Arjun Mathur, Made In Heaven 2

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime Video

In a season that increasingly becomes a lesson-mugging first-bencher in class, Arjun Mathur's Karan remains the only real person with a sense of complexity and inner trauma.

Mona Singh, Made in Heaven 2

Streaming Platform: Amazon Prime Video

The enigmatic Bulbul Johari is one of the most welcome additions to the Made In Heaven crew and thanks to Mona Singh’s measured performance, nothing about Bulbul stretches credibility. 

Shane Nigam, RDX

Theatrical release

Shane managed to make the normal, dull guy attractive. So naturally, when he is given a ‘massy’, heroic, and stylish role in RDX, a film that's designed to make you hoot every 10 minutes, he soars as the new ‘mass’ star.

Tanishq Chaudhary, Guns & Gulaabs

Streaming Platform: Netflix

The young actor owns the tricky balance of playing a kid whose adolescent toxicity is on the brink of turning him towards the dark side. Chaudhary is excellent in the way he lends him a redeemable touch.

Vinayagan, Jailer

Theatrical release

Let's face it, going against Rajinikanth as a villain is no joke. in which not only does he prove to be a tough bargain to Rajini’s Muthuvel Pandian, but also manages to scare you with his brute force and violent Breaking Bad-inspired ways of killing people.