Best Malayalam Films of the Year

Team FC


"Iratta," Joju George's gripping drama, initially overlooked, gained nationwide acclaim on Netflix with its shocking twin twist and a heart-wrenching ending that leaves viewers emotionally moved.

2018: Everyone Is A Hero

"2018: Everyone Is A Hero" not only became the industry's biggest hit but also resonated deeply with Malayalis, reviving the spirit of Kerala post the 2018 deluge, creating an atmosphere in theaters that mass movies couldn't replicate.

Madura Manohara Moham

"Madura Manohara Moham," a sleeper success, directed by Stephy Xaviour, offers a refreshing take on family comedy, poking fun at caste obsession without preachiness and proving that family comedies continue to find their audience.

Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam

Lijo Jose Pellissery's "Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam" pays tribute to theater and classic Tamil cinema, exploring the masks we wear in life through a perplexing tragicomedy that culminates in a poignant mirror scene with Mammootty.


"RDX," an unexpected Onam surprise, reinvents the formula for a 100-crore movie by bringing together mid-level stars and top action choreographers, delivering a no-fuss action film with brilliant set pieces and a chart-topping song.

Purusha Pretham

"Purusha Pretham," Krishand's compelling police "de-glorification comedy," unfolds as a wild, laugh-out-loud investigation with fascinating characters, showcasing the director's knack for delivering engaging and unconventional narratives.

Kannur Squad

"Kannur Squad" finds the perfect balance between a dry police procedural and an elegant mass action film, skillfully combining the intensity of "Theeran" with the subtlety of "Kuttavum Shikshyum," appealing to both fans of Mammootty.


"Thankam," a surprising and enigmatic drama, explores friendship in a unique way, challenging viewers to question their understanding of relationships, offering brilliant performances and a storyline that defies expectations.

Kaathal: The Core

"Kaathal: The Core," not only stands out for Mammootty's sensitive portrayal of a homosexual character but also addresses a healthy divorce with grace, showcasing the megastar's commitment to diverse and socially relevant narratives.