Best Christian Oliver Performances

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Tribute (2009)

Christian Oliver is featured in the drama film "Tribute," where he portrays the character of Joshua. His performance adds emotional weight to the story, which revolves around family dynamics and personal growth.

Alarm for Cobra 11 (1996-2008)

Christian Oliver gained widespread recognition for his role as Jan Richter. Oliver portrayed a skilled and charismatic detective, contributing to the show's success with his dynamic performance in various action-packed episodes.

Best Christmas Ball Ever (2019)

Following a unexpected split in her hometown of Chicago, Amy believes that a new environment will be beneficial for her. On a whim, she chooses to spend the holidays with her brother in Vienna, where she encounters Lucas, portrayed by Christian Oliver.

Subject Two (2006)

Christian Oliver takes on the lead role of Dr. Adam Archer in the indie sci-fi horror film "Subject Two." His portrayal of a scientist experimenting with life and death brings depth to the character and enhances the film's exploration of ethical dilemmas.

Hercules Reborn (2014)

In this action-packed fantasy adventure, Christian Oliver plays the legendary hero Hercules. Oliver brings physicality and charisma to the role, contributing to the film's epic battles and mythological elements.

House of Good and Evil (2013)

Christian Oliver plays Chris, a husband moving into a mysterious house with his wife in this psychological thriller. Oliver's performance contributes to the suspense and psychological tension of the film as the characters grapple with the dark secrets of their new home.

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