Bandra Movie Review: A Fairly Sincere Meta Drama, Lost In Mass Movie Clichés

Team FC

Unlike Other Malayalam Films

There seems to be some rhyme and a lot of reason in the way Bandra uses Tammannah. Not only is the film actually about its heroine but it’s also a meta movie that talks about a particular Hindi movie heroine.


It’s a film that begins with a wannabe filmmaker (Mamta Mohandas) trying to make her first film. After working as an assistant for a long period, she’s being advised by a star to think different and come up with an original idea.

The Setup is Fresh 

It’s Surprising that Bandra is hardly the movie you went in expecting. This stretch makes for lovely surprises like how a cup of tea is shared between the two as a king-size hoarding of Tara’s stares down at the couple, unbeknownst to the world around them.

Despite The Mafia-Meets-Film World

The film’s best surprises appear when it’s in the zone of a movie like Notting Hill (1999). There’s a little bit of magic in the way Tara lands up in Aala’s Kerala home as he’s dancing to one of her songs playing on TV.

With An Open Ending

That leaves room for a sequel, you may sit there scratching your head thinking about how Tara really died. Given the fact this film was made by the same person who made Ramaleela (2017), the hero needn’t be the saint we thought he was.