Bachelor Party Movie Review

Nishanth A

Echoes of Ammavra Ganda

"Bachelor Party" echoes the 1997 film "Ammavra Ganda" in exploring gender roles but lacks a social message. It revolves around an unhappy husband, Santhosh, without promising societal commentary.

Stoner Comedy Vibes

The plot draws parallels with stoner comedies like "The Hangover" as Diganth's character attends a bachelor party in Thailand, leading to comedic misadventures. Visual language and comedic elements are inspired by classic comedies.

Woeful Husband Jokes

The first half focuses on Diganth's 'helpless' situation, delivering a series of woeful husband jokes without delving into the depth of marital issues. Surface-level commentary and lack of assertiveness characterize this segment.

Character Dynamics Improvement

The film improves in the second half with engaging characters like Prakash Thumminad and Balaji Manohar, bringing flavor and gravitas. Thumminad's slang and Manohar's crime boss character enhance the overall narrative.

Performances and Dialogues

Diganth's signature innocence, Yogesh's charisma, and Achyuth Kumar's standout dialogues elevate the film. Strong performances contribute to the characters, with Kumar adding depth to scenes.

Missteps in Writing and Treatment

Despite technical competence and strong performances, the film falters with dated writing reminiscent of 80s and 90s David Dhawan films. Problematic portrayal of women and veiled misogyny overshadow the film's potential nuanced exploration of marriage woes.