Baahubali: Crown of Blood Review

Rahul Desai

Dismantling Of An Empire

Only the empire in question isn’t the fictional kingdom of Mahishmati. Crown of Blood is another long-form prelude to the films. It’s a standalone story, despite following five forgettable seasons of Baahubali: The Lost Legends.

Outdated Cartoon Feels

Crown of Blood lies at the opposite corner of the spectrum – it is an animated show with the grammar and limitations of a live-action film. It defies the very essence of the Baahubali universe by looking like outdated cartoons. 

The Battles Remain The Same

Even the world-building feels repetitive. The plot precedes the events of the movies – back when Queen Sivagami was still playing mind-games with young princes Amarendra Baahubali and Bhallaladeva – but the cycle of power, jealousy, deceit

Bar Has to be Higher

I like that Baahubali is a rare homegrown brand that can be milked beyond its art. But the bar has to be higher in 2024, particularly when it comes to a genre that transcends language and cultural barriers. 

The Legacy is in Danger

The character arc almost makes more sense, not least due to the yellow-toned colour palette. But I’m done with this deluge of backstories, reflected glories and nostalgia-grabbing. The legacy is in danger. Perhaps it’s time to retire. 

Thala for a Reason?

I couldn’t get over the fact that the Baahubali of Crown of Blood looks more like a young Mahendra Singh Dhoni than Prabhas. Every time he lunges at a rival, I see a bat in his hand instead of a sword.