Ayushmann Khurrana On Dream Girl 2: "I Shaved Twice A Day"

Anushka Halve

What Attracted You To Doing Dream Girl 2?

"I think for me, the engagement of the script really matters. And the stakes, they have to be high. In Dream Girl 2, we are actually going to the next level with me being a woman and Pooja being real." Said Ayushmann Khurranna

What Does it Feel Like Being Subjected To The Male Gaze? 

"There's this beautiful line in the film that says, “Ladki banna mushkil hota hai, per ladki hona aur bhil mushkil hota hai” I think that line really shines across the humorous tone of the film."- Ayushmann Khurranna

What is Working with director Raaj Shaandilyaa like?

He's definitely not a stick-to-the-script kind of person. He has a shop of jokes and he has options for everything. He's like, “If you don't like this one, say this one. If you don't want to say this one, say this one.” - Ananya Panday

What Challenges Did You Face With Bringing Pooja To Life? 

"As an actor, as a purist, as a theatre actor, I always look out for challenges. To do something different, crazy, out of the box. I had to shave twice a day because my stubble used to show after 5 hours."- Ayushmann Khurranna

Does Dressing In Drag Give You An Insight Into The Feminine Experience?

"Dressing drag, I think it's a lived-in-experience. By becoming Pooja, by dressing up like a woman. I really can't feel like a woman. Of course you have to discover your feminine side — it comes from observation."- Ayushmann Khurranna