Ayalaan Movie Review: Adult-sized Clichés

Vishal Menon

Environmental Emphasis for Kids

Ayalaan, featuring Sivakarthikeyan, prioritizes an environmental and children-centric message, introducing Tamizh through scenes that resonate with a children's audience.

Cartoon-Like Rescues

The film adopts a cartoonish approach, with Tamizh frequently rescuing children, creating a lighter tone, though lacking depth in these rescue sequences.

Inorganic Elements and Shankar-style Flair

Ayalaan includes inorganic segments and songs seemingly tailored for television, occasionally echoing the style of old-school Shankar films, complete with artificial villains.

Sivakarthikeyan's Signature Humor

The movie shines when embracing Sivakarthikeyan's typical narrative, especially in entertaining scenes with Yogi Babu and the alien companion, Tattoo, offering humor and a break from world-saving ambitions.

Environmental Commentary with a Twist

Attempting environmental commentary, Ayalaan navigates a cartoonish quality, as Tamizh confronts evil corporates. However, the film struggles to balance serious themes with its whimsical tone.

CGI Excellence and Detours

Despite detours into superhero elements, Ayalaan impresses with consistently well-executed CGI, seamlessly integrating animated characters and offering enjoyable stretches, including a notable E.T. tribute.

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Ayalaan Review: Adult-sized Clichés In An Otherwise Child-sized Sci-Fi Comedy