Ayalaan First Day First Impression

Harshini S V

The Concept of Alien With The Taste of Localness

There is nothing more joyous than watching a film do all the wonders you expected, especially when it's been in the making for a long time. Ayalaan takes a very predictable route, especially post the second half.

The VFX Offers an Immersive Experience

Tattoo is the name of our ayalaan and the VFX work is on point. Even the spaceship and the little sneak peek you get into the world of Tattoo are rendered perfectly. The effort that has gone into the VFX is evident through the seamlessly blend of CGI elements in the frame

The Star Service isn't Missed Out

For the most part, at least in the first half, Tattoo is our action hero while Sivakarthikeyan's role is limited to some reactions and humorous commentary. A series of twists let Sivakarthikeyan take centre stage and also indugle in action sequences.

Humor Pushes The Message in The Background

The humorous treatment is one of the reasons why we only rarely feel the weight of the message or threat in the movie. Although the humour drives home the point, it may not feel right because the message is pushed to the background.

What Rarely Works in Favour of Ayalaan are the Songs

A lot is left to be desired when it comes to the film’s music. The placement of the songs in itself isn’t very interesting, but there is also a certain dissonance between the songs and the staging, which stops you from enjoying

The Film is at its Best When...

It is about this group of friends experimenting and having fun with the powers of the alien. Rakul Preet Singh does more for the role than the role does for her, which somehow helps you connect with her character.

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