Athidhi Review: This Disney+ Hotstar Show Is Full of Clichés and Low on Scares

Team FC

Character Overview

Ravi Varma (Venu Thottempudi) is a novelist who doesn’t believe in ghosts. Maya (Avanthika Mishra) claims to be a psychic healer, while Savaari (Venkatesh Kakamanu) is a viral YouTube influencer who makes videos about ghosts.

It Is Evident That

Director Bharath YG has put a lot of effort into crafting the characters of Athidhi. The performances do compensate for the lack of terror. Even if you don’t feel the fear, watching Savaari fear for his life helps you buy into the narrative.

Avanthika’s Mysterious Aura Piques Your Interest

In the fourth and fifth episodes of the six-part series, the twists are revealed one after another and you get a glimpse of what Athidhi was meant to be.

The Series Cannot Be Boxed Into One Genre

Besides horror, it also has a message and could very well be seen as a social drama.

When The Series Ends

It leaves one wondering, are ghosts out to kill people anymore or exist solely to deliver mass monologues?