Article 370 Movie Review

Deepanjana Pal

Arun Govil as Prime Minister

Arun Govil's portrayal of the Prime Minister in "Article 370" intertwines the iconic character of Lord Ram with contemporary political leadership, offering a unique perspective on power dynamics and symbolism within the narrative.

Female Empowerment

Despite the predominantly male-dominated genre of political thrillers, "Article 370" breaks stereotypes by portraying two strong and determined women, Zooni (Yami Gautam) and Rajeshwari (Priyamani), who play pivotal roles in shaping the narrative and driving the mission to abrogate Article 370.

Fictional Political Landscape

Set against the backdrop of real-life events, "Article 370" crafts a fictionalized version of Indian politics, where the narrative unfolds as an action-packed adventure spanning years, blending reality with imaginative storytelling.

Character Dynamics

The film intricately weaves together the personal and professional lives of its characters, particularly Zooni, whose daring actions and unwavering commitment propel the storyline forward, while also delving into the complexities of patriotism and duty.

Government Authority and Accountability

"Article 370" grapples with themes of government accountability and the consequences of political decisions, presenting a nuanced portrayal of the challenges faced by those in power and the impact of their actions on society.

Complex Narratives

"Article 370" navigates complex moral dilemmas and critiques the power dynamics inherent in governance, offering thought-provoking insights into contemporary socio-political realities.