Art Should Question Our Existence In The World: Raj B Shetty

Sonu Venugopal

Actor-Director Raj B Shetty Came Out Of Nowhere And Became a Star

His successful debut came with the delightful slice-of-life comedy Ondu Motteya Kathe (2017). He then came out with the violent crime drama Garuda Gaman Vrishabha Vahana (2021), which propelled him into stardom.

He Will Now Be Seen in Toby

Toby is another crime drama which is also written by him. The trailers hint at him being another underdog who is treated unfairly by the powers that be. He stars in the film along with Chaithra J Achar.

Do You Consider Yourself an Underdog? 

“I am not an underdog. I hope people don’t see me as one because I can bite hard. I am a dog. Jokes apart, I don't really have issues if the audience sees me in any way. But I want some of the people who are close to me to not see me that way because I have an army”.

How Do You Deal With Stardom?

“The people see me as a star, I don’t. I am an actor because I act. I have come here to work. I will use the resources that stardom gets me and my team to make a film. I cannot deny that. I don’t believe in that distinction between an actor and a star persona.

Do You Have a Penchant For Writing Negative Characters?

“It is not possible for me to write perfect characters,” “I have always seen myself in my characters, be it negative or neutral roles. I don’t usually create purely positive characters. More than that, I feel art should lead to some amount of introspection.