Argylle Movie Review

Anushka Halve

Dynamic Pursuits and Lackluster Joy

Agent Argylle's high-energy chase lacks anticipated joy, falling short of director Matthew Vaughn's signature style, despite Henry Cavill's dynamic performance.

Confusing Plot Turns

Elly Conway's journey from celebrated author to espionage target introduces a convoluted "silver bullet" premise, losing coherence and adding confusion to the narrative.

Surreal Visions and Underutilized Cast

Action-packed sequences and Elly's hallucinations fail to justify Henry Cavill's role, leaving other notable actors like John Cena underutilized in minuscule roles.

Disappointing Spectacle

Despite a star-studded cast, Argylle lacks the expected cleverness and humor of a comedy thriller, featuring forgettable stunts and inconsequential sequences.

Underwritten Roles for Dallas Howard and Rockwell

Bryce Dallas Howard and Sam Rockwell, with potential chemistry, are hindered by underwritten roles, leaving the film's meta moments isolated and the audience disconnected.

Failed Potential and Impersonation

Argylle disappoints with its confusing plot, awkward CGI, and lack of punchline, feeling more like an impersonation of Vaughn's style than an authentic addition to his filmography.