Anweshippin Kandethum First Day First Impression

Arjun Menon

Malayalam Mystery Trend

"Anweshippin Kandethum" joins the recent wave of Malayalam films exploring police investigations, following a team unraveling complex cases, akin to "Operation Java," "Kuttavum Shiksayum," and others.

Writing and Visuals

Darwin Kuriakose's debut film offers a blend of old-school writing and frantic visuals, propelling the narrative with relentless momentum, though some dialogues feel overly blunt, detracting from its grounded approach.

Familiar Conceit

The film follows the classic trope of an intuitive yet unlucky hero assembling a team of disgraced cops, anchoring a seemingly ordinary crime story within the framework of a genre entertainer.

Character Exploration

Despite the multiple perspectives, the film prioritizes broader strokes over nuanced character exploration, with main characters feeling more like ciphers in a broken system than fleshed-out individuals.

Establishing the Stakes

Jinu Abraham sets up the wider stakes of the crime and missing case through well-written exchanges, adhering faithfully to the fixtures of murder mysteries within an ensemble character drama.

Tonal Shifts and Visuals

The film begins with a simple setup evolving into a religious issue, with director Kuriakose employing intriguing visual choices to bring procedural work to life. However, the score sometimes overwhelms scenes, and Tovino Thomas's protagonist lacks depth