Anurag Kashyap's Best Movies

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1. Gangs of Wasseypur (2012):

This crime epic showcased Kashyap's ability to transform his perceived weaknesses into strengths, becoming a mafia masterpiece. With its eclectic score and dedicated on-location units, Gangs of Wasseypur has become a template for future legacy classics.

2. Black Friday (2004):

This shocking and highly influential film explores the investigative stillness of actual events. It delves into the 1993 Bombay bombings and their aftermath. Black Friday demonstrated that filmmaking can transcend mediums when it commits to telling compelling stories.

3. Dev.D (2009):

Dev.D catapulted Kashyap from an indie messiah to a mainstream matador. It presents a brazen adaptation of Devdas through a lethal cocktail of imagery, sound, and wild spirit.

4. Ugly (2014):

Ugly is an eccentric thriller known for its intense final twenty minutes and idiosyncratic storytelling. The film dives deep into the murkiness of its characters, lacking emotional depth, but still delivering a gripping and disturbing narrative.

5. That Girl in Yellow Boots (2011):

This bleak and bizarre film explores Mumbai's seedy underbelly through the story of a girl searching for her estranged father. With strong performances, especially from Kalki Koechlin, That Girl in Yellow Boots showcases Kashyap's knack for blending gritty realism with unconventional narratives.

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