Anurag Kashyap Picks 5 Filmmakers You Should Know From His Massive Movie Collection

Team FC

Samuel Fuller

I have all his films and a boxset of his very rare movies just came out. Samuel Fuller is a noir filmmaker who has also made some extremely controversial movies that were blacklisted in Hollywood.

Fritz Lang

He's my go-to filmmaker. I'm slowly replacing his DVDs with the Blu-Ray version of his films. You'll see his films and you'll realise all the cinema that we see today, from Marvel to the big mainstream movies...

Jean-Pierre Melville 

All his work is available all on Blu-Ray. Jean-Pierre Melville has made the best thrillers and chase films. Uski kafi saare films hain jo kisine chura liye

Kinji Fukasaku's Battles Without Honour And Humanity: The Yakuza Papers 

These are five films that will help you understand the whole Japanese crime history. It talks about this whole style of filmmaking that influenced all the Bourne movies and Paul Greengrass.

Akira Kurosawa 

I would recommend his early films which I think people don't know. You have to see Kurosawa's early films, before the world discovered him. And this is available in Criterion.