Animal To Soldier - Bobby Deol Power-Packed Performances

Team FC

Animal (2023)

In "Animal," Bobby Deol delivers a power-packed performance, showcasing his intense and versatile acting skills in the film

Kareeb (1998)

Bobby Deol's endearing portrayal in "Kareeb" exhibits his early charm as a romantic lead, demonstrating his ability to connect with audiences in a heartfelt love story.

Class of '83 (2020)

In this crime drama, Deol's portrayal of a tough cop in "Class of '83" is a power-packed performance that adds depth to the narrative, showcasing his ability to handle intense and gritty roles.

Badal (2000)

Bobby Deol's dynamic presence in "Badal" contributes to the film's success as a Bollywood action thriller, where his charismatic performance complements the film's high-energy narrative.

Bichhoo (2000)

Deol's power-packed performance in "Bichhoo" further cements his status as an action star, as he takes on a vigilante role with intensity, delivering a captivating performance in this crime thriller.

Tango Charlie (2005)

Bobby Deol displays his versatility in "Tango Charlie," where he portrays the complexities of a paramilitary officer with depth and emotion, adding a layer of authenticity to this war drama.

Soldier (1998)

Bobby Deol's action prowess takes center stage in "Soldier," a blockbuster that solidified his position as an action hero, delivering high-octane stunts and a charismatic performance.