Amy Jackson's Top 7 Films on OTT

Team FC

I (2015) - ZEE5

Amy Jackson plays Diya, a supermodel who falls in love with a deformed and vengeful man, played by Vikram, in this Tamil-language romantic thriller. Her character undergoes a transformation as she discovers the true nature of love and beauty.

Ek Deewana Tha (2012) - Disney+ Hotstar

Amy Jackson portrays Jessie Thekekuttu, a conservative Malayali Christian girl who captures the heart of a passionate Tamil Hindu filmmaker, played by Prateik Babbar, in this romantic drama. Her character grapples with societal expectations and cultural differences in pursuit of love.

2.0 (2018) - Prime Video

In this sci-fi action film, Amy Jackson plays Nila, a humanoid robot created by a scientist, played by Rajinikanth, to assist in combating a rogue artificial intelligence. Her character evolves from a programmed machine to develop human-like emotions and empathy.

Singh is Bliing (2015) - YouTube

Amy Jackson portrays Sara, a feisty and independent British woman who finds herself entangled in comedic misadventures with a clumsy and endearing Punjabi man, played by Akshay Kumar, in this action-comedy film. Her character adds romance and humor to the storyline.

Freaky Ali (2016) - YouTube

Amy Jackson plays Megha, a supportive and understanding girlfriend to Ali, a street vendor turned professional golfer, played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, in this sports comedy film. Her character encourages Ali to pursue his dreams despite societal obstacles.

Theri (2016) - Prime Video

Amy Jackson portrays Annie, a school teacher who becomes involved in the life of a former undercover cop seeking vengeance for the death of his wife and daughter, played by Vijay, in this Tamil-language action-drama film. Her character adds emotional depth and romance to the narrative.

Thanga Magan (2015) - MX Player

Amy Jackson plays Hema, a compassionate and supportive woman who stands by her husband, played by Dhanush, as he navigates personal and familial challenges in this Tamil-language family drama film. Her character exemplifies loyalty and resilience in the face of adversity.