American Psycho: Ending Explained (In Detail)

Team FC

With each murder, Bateman’s shadow self, and what he presents to the world, seem to be integrating. He breaks up with his fiancee, because these happenings have begun to bleed into his day life as an investment banker.

Bateman confesses everything to his lawyer, and tells him about the multiple killings and his cannibalistic instincts. Through Jean (Chloe Sevigny), his secretary, we also come to know that Bateman has been drawing deeply disturbing and violent graphics.

But when Bateman sees the lawyer, the lawyer is amused by the confession and just shrugs it off. When Bateman insists that he murdered Allen, the lawyer claims that he had dinner with Allen recently in London.

Is it because his own delusions have gone this much further, or was it because inadvertently, people around him were complicit in covering up his crimes for him?

The movie decides to end on a more interpretative note, rather than offering the audiences something more definitive (in Ellis’s book, we know Bateman imagined the murders).

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