Al Pacino Essentials - 5 Must-Watch Films of Al Pacino that You Can Stream Online

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In this Brian De Palma film, the actor is Tony Montana, who builds a drug empire with his friend, which is threatened by his want for power.

The Irishman

In this gangster film by Martin Scorsese, Al Pacino plays Jimmy Hoffa, a powerful man in the world of crime.

The Godfather

In this Francis Ford Coppola film, the actor plays Michael, the youngest son of Don Vito Corleone. We see Michael's rise to the top in this film.

Scent of a Woman

In this Martin Brest film, a man with a visual impairment forms an unlikely bond with a student in need of money, who agrees to take care of him.

The Devil's Advocate

In this film directed by Taylor Hackford, the actor plays Satan in the disguise of a lawyer.

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