Ahead of Pathaan's release, Shah Rukh Khan's first out-and-out action role, here are 9 films that break away from his Quintessential Style

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Maya Memsaab

The 1993 film is a mysterious drama starring Deepa Sahi, Farooq Sheikh and SRK, who plays the role of a passionate young man named Lalit who is having an illegitimate affair with Deepa Sahi's character Maya, who is married to Dr Charu Das (Farooq Sheikh). Maya has an insatiable hunger that she tries to satisfy by indulging in extra-marital affairs; first with Rudra (Raj Babbar) and then with Lalit.

Hey Ram

Kamal Haasan's Hey Ram starred SRK in a very short but significant role: he played the character of Amjad Ali Khan, a friend of Saketh Ram's (Kamal Haasan). Despite not being on screen for a long time, his presence is extremely strong as a man who values brotherhood. His dialogue and craft are so brilliant that he gets into the very skin of Amjad Khan.


In this film, SRK plays the role of Max, a gangster who is enraged when his sister Shirley (Aishwariya Rai) falls in love with Rahul (Chandrachur Singh), who is the younger brother of Prakash, the leader of the rival gang.


Asoka is a tale of the great warrior emperor who went on to become a patron of Buddhism. Shahrukh Khan is flamboyant as Asoka. It requires a different level of dedication to play the titular role of the heir of the Maurya Dynasty.


Mohan is one of the very few characters of SRK where he underplays and attempts to break away from his natural larger-than-life persona that often overpowers his characters. However, Mohan is Shahrukh Khan, and Shahrukh Khan is Mohan — they are one and it is beautiful to watch him in this kind of light, and still be as awe-struck as you'd be with him playing a lover-boy Raj.


Paheli has SRK in a double-role; the first is a ghost who falls in love with a newly-wed woman and the second is her husband. The ghost Shahrukh Khan pretends to be Lachhi's husband as they are look-alikes. The movie is one of a kind and also becomes women-empowering on some level and has the ability to peek into the deep ends of human emotions.

Chak De! India

Kabir Khan is a personal favourite of all time because while no one can do a bubbly lover-boy like the King Of Romance, there is no one who can pull off wisdom and maturity like him either. He has an air of ambiguous sorrow that surrounds him and enables the audience to look at him as a falling star that you badly want to catch.

My Name is Khan

This one is another personal favourite, mainly because of how adorable and loving Shahrukh Khan looks in this movie — you just can't help but fall in love with him. After watching My Name Is Khan there is no chance that anyone can claim that Shahrukh Khan can't act because, let's face it, he is perfect! Playing a disabled character isn't easy and is a walk on a very tight rope, but SRK does it as if it is his second nature.

Dear Zindagi

I don't think there's anyone who didn't fall in love with Jug aka Dr Jehangir Khan because, despite not being the centre of the film, Shahrukh Khan becomes him completely and unabashedly. He comes off perfectly as the experienced, and wise therapist that you'd want to him to be while also blending understanding with a bit of eccentricity and radicalism.