Adipurush Movie Review: Prabhas' Superhero-fied Ramayana Adaptation Is Deterred By Terrible VFX and Flat Writing

Ram Venkat Srikar

The Problem with Adipurush

The film is entirely shot on a green/blue screen, mandating excessive reliance on visual effects to create its world from scratch. The visual effects are embarrassingly bad and the film lack of an original vision.

A Video Game?

The film's most exhausting and bland part, feels like a pre-visualisation demo for a fantasy video game and the writing doesn't help either. 45 minutes of Prabhas and other CG characters pretending to fight hordes of poor CG creatures and shoot CG arrows, is definitely not fun.

A Creative Mess

The characters in the foreground and background environment are never in harmony, constantly diverting you from investing in the emotion of the scene, even if you try hard to focus.

Keeping the Flawed Visuals Aside

There's little to no spark here too, with almost every sequence overstaying its welcome. There isn't an iota of thrill or magic to be experienced in what are supposed to be grand, rousing sequences and you will find very few noteworthy moments in the film.


Another major problem with Adipurush is how characters are written and portrayed with zero depth. The way Raavan is presented as a massively built man with a peculiar gait, that looks like a child mimicking The Rock, is unintentionally funny.