Adarsh Gourav Is Interested in Transformation and Metamorphosis As An Actor | FC Streaming Adda 2023

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The Streaming Adda 2023

With Gulshan Devaiah, Adarsh Gourav, Mona Singh, Gagan Dev Riar, Wamiqa Gabbi and Arjun Mathur, Adarsh Gourav Spoke about his process of finding the character for Guns and Gulaabs, An analogy of scuba-diving and transformation and overcoming fears.

For Ganchi Junior’s Character

Alot of it came from this one particular person who I cannot name, But their vlogs on youtube and sort of understanding who they are then sort of drawing reference from that and then trying to apply it in my body and see what would look nice with it.

For Me The Process of Playing a Character is Like Scubadiving

When I dive, I feel like I’m 18 meters under the surface, now anything can happen but once you come out of it, it’s like you’re born again. It’s that feeling I want and I crave. I am a very underconfident, scared and skeptical person but I know after I come out of it, I will feel good. 

That Fear Will Always Be There I Feel  

Which is why I’m interested in the process of transformation and metamorphosis. It gives me that chance to feel like a new person every time I come out of it.

It’s Very Easy For a Mind To Start Jumping To Ideas Very Quickly

You get excited by a new piece of material and you be like "Arrey yeh bhi ,yeh bhi hai" I feel like with patience and with calmness comes a certain sense of clarity and a broader way of looking at things instead of being excited and making a decision. 

In Terms of The Diversity Of Each Character

I have been fortunate that I have had a variety of work come my way.  I do feel like I want to stay away from violence in any character for a bit. I Want to explore more happiness within myself as a human being.

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