Actresses Who Deserve More Appreciation

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Konkona Sen Sharma

A versatile performer, Konkona Sen Sharma's nuanced portrayals in films showcase her depth and talent, deserving more recognition for her impactful contributions to Indian cinema.

Shefali Shah

With her compelling performances and ability to breathe life into diverse roles, Shefali Shah stands as an underrated talent, warranting greater appreciation for her significant contributions to the world of acting.


Despite her successful stint in Bollywood, Asin's talent often goes unnoticed; her engaging performances in various films merit more acknowledgment for the depth she brings to her characters.

Kalki Koechlin

Kalki's unconventional choices and skillful acting deserve more spotlight, as she consistently delivers memorable performances that contribute to the cinematic landscape with a refreshing and distinctive touch.

Tillotama Shome

A skilled actress, Tillotama Shome's understated yet impactful performances in independent cinema showcase her range and versatility, making her a talent worthy of greater recognition and appreciation.

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