Abraham Ozler's First Day First Impression

Arjun Menon

Highly Anticipated Comeback

Abraham Ozler delivers on the anticipation, rejuvenating Jayaram's career under the director of Anjaam Paathira with a successful blend of old-school mystery and crowd-pleasing storytelling.

Innovative Genre Fusion

A traditional whodunnit mystery, Ozler explores medical thriller elements with structural rigidity, yet injects urgency into the narrative, showcasing director Midhun Manuel Thomas's growth since his previous work.

Nuanced Performance by Jayaram

Jayaram impresses as an insomniac, aged cop, transcending stereotypes with a nuanced portrayal that adds emotional depth to the character, affirming his genius casting for the role.

Supporting Cast's Knockout Performances

The supporting cast, including Jagadeesh and Senthil Rajamani, surprises with knockout performances, challenging their typical industry roles and contributing significantly to the film's narrative stakes.

Innovative Storytelling Techniques

Midhun Manuel Thomas uses diegetic means, like the 'Poomaname' song, to bridge flashbacks with the current timeline, despite occasional exposition issues, maintaining tonal control and effective pacing strategies.

Revitalizing Jayaram's Filmography

Abraham Ozler marks a new phase in Jayaram's filmography, combining the comedic sensibilities of the actor and director into an oddly endearing entertainer, showcasing a different facet of their artistic abilities.

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