Aamir Khan Essentials - 5 Must-Watch Films of Aamir Khan on Streaming

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Taare Zameen Par on Netflix

One of Khan's most empathetic characters, Nikumbh Sir made everyone wish they had a teacher like him.

Ghajini on Zee5

Ghajini's unhinged performance stands tall despite the film being the remake of a popular Tamil film.

Talaash on Netflix

One of his more understated roles, Khan plays the tortured Inspector Suri, haunted by the death of his son.

3 Idiots on Prime Video

One of the highest grossing Hindi films in the world, Khan's "Aall iz well" remains as iconic and relevant as ever.

Lagaan on Netflix

India's last official nomination as Best Foreign Film into the Oscars, Lagaan's underdog story is as watchable as it was two decades ago.

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